30 Teen Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas

Adolescence! It’s a period some parents dread. It is a breakthrough period for every person. It’s not all bad though. Apart from it being a period of significant psychological and physical growth, it is a time to finally accept certain changes with your kid.

Teenage girls are mostly vibrant and spiritual. They are fun(some of the time). One thing that can’t be ignored is their changed sensibilities, preferences and general mood.

Let us take a look at how you can give your girl her perfect room. A place she can relate , a place that can reflect her personality and make her teen ages fun.

A teenage girl’s bedroom should be light and fun. Most teenagers spend most of their time in their rooms. So their bedroom should be a place that brings them comfort and makes them happy.

Let us run through a list of things to consider when designing a teen girl bedroom. We’ve also included 30 teen girl bedroom decor ideas photos to help make it easier for you to decide on what to go for.

Things to consider when designing a teen girl bedroom

1. Pick a theme

The first thing to consider when designing any room is the theme. You have to decide on any theme your daughter will love. Remember, this is her room. So all your decisions should be based on what she likes.

There are so many room design themes to go for. It can be monochrome, floral, boho chic or whichever one she prefers. If you are not sure what she likes, you can go through our photos with her and so she points out the ones she likes to you.

You can put all her choices together, to decorate the perfect bedroom for her which she will love.

pink bedroom

2. Pick a colour

Next, what colours are you going for? Do you want to paint the room or use wallpaper for the entire room? The colour should be subtle. You can use just one paint colour for the entire room or perhaps, use different colours for different parts of the room. You can also opt for a beautiful design on a neutral background. The design shouldn’t be too bold or dull.

Let the colour of items in the room complement the colours on the walls. This will tie the room together. So the furniture, bedsheets, holdings, fixings, windows, doors, light and lamp holders must all match the colours of the room. This gives some uniformity to the room, making it look classy as well.

purple bedroom decor
black and white bedroom decor

3. Choose the furniture

Don’t fill her room with accessories and furniture you’d buy for yourself. Get things that again reflects her personality. Choose her furniture with her favourite things in mind. Don’t compromise here. From her bed to the bedside table and vanity table, get her the models she likes.

If she will need extra storage for her shoes and clothings, also make sure there is enough space for that.

luxury bedroom decor
luxury girl bedroom decor
chanel bedroom decor
pink bedroom decor

4. A desk and shelves

Your teen is definitely going to need a desk in her room. So get her a desk and a chair. You can choose an adjustable chair with wheels or one she can relax in. The chair has to be comfortable for her since she will mostly use the desk for her homework.

You can also put up some floating shelves over the desk, so she can have a place to store her books.

girl bedroom ideas
teen girl bedroom
pink and grey bedroom decor

5. Create a personal wall

Give your teen a fan wall. Create a beautiful space on one of the walls for your little girl. Where she can put anything and express her inner desires. Whatever she likes or enjoys can be represented in this space.

Get a cool and beautiful depiction of your girl’s favourite obsession. Whatever hobbies or interests she may have will have an icon or a depiction you can use to create a focal point in the room to spike her interests. Don’t make it tacky. Make it simple and classy. It could be a collage or a simple art.

grey and pink bedroom decor
bedroom decor ideas
bedroom decor
teenage girl bedroom


  1. March 2, 2019 / 11:47 pm

    Going to pin many of these for consideration when my granddaughters get a little older. Love the eyelash pillows. The idea of having just a string of twinkle lights on the floor!! And hanging curtains or gauze fabric behind the bed. Really inexpensive, adorable ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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