20 Things To Do In 2020

2019 has been a very interesting year. And as it is finally coming to an end, most of us are looking forward to the new year with optimism. And as usual with our new year’s resolutions where we list every bad habit we want to let go because new year, new me.

Why not try a different approach to the new year? So that this time around instead of listing all the bad habits to let go, list all the new thing you want to try. Below are 20 things you can add to your list.

20 Things to try in 2020

1. Eat something you’ve never tried before

It is often difficult for us to try a new meal especially if we think the meal is weird. So why not make it a point to try at least one meal you’ve never tried before this coming year? You might end up liking it. The weirder, the better.

2. Take a road trip without a destination

You can do this alone or with someone. Get in the car with a few things and then just drive. You can get a map and just drive. This is the perfect escape as you are driving without a destination. There’s nowhere you have to be. There’s nothing you need to do. You are just driving. This should be fun.

3. Go camping

Go camping, spend the night outside. You’ll be surprised at how much better you can actually sleep when you go camping.

4. Binge watch supernatural

Supernatural is such an interesting show and it is on its final season now. Which is season 15. Whether you’ve watched it before or you’ve never watched it before, try binge watching supernatural in 2020.

And no, supernatural isn’t just a show about ghosts and demons. It’s also a show about loyalty, sacrifice, perseverance with a little bit of humour and catchy one liners. Just watch it and you will know what we mean.

5. Compliment a stranger

Say something nice to a stranger. People love compliments especially if it’s coming from someone they don;t know. So make it a point to compliment a stranger on 2020.

6. Be a tourist in your own town

This should be fun. Get aboard the tour train in your town and visit places in your town. You will learn a lot you didn’t know about your own town.

7. Have dinner on a rooftop

Rooftops are so cool. They give you the opportunity to see your whole town at a different angle. So in 2020, have dinner on a rooftop. Enjoy the cool breeze and see the beauty of your town at night.

8. See a live play

Yes, we stay at home and watch movies and shows from our screens all the time. And may be you’ve even gone to the movie theatre to watch a movie but none of these experiences can be compared to watching a live play. So make it an agenda to see a live play.

9. Make a new friend

Old friends are the best but it wouldn’t hurt to meet new people and make a new friend. With our old friends, we get used to doing the same things and familiarity makes us think we are okay with it. But new friends bring with them new experiences and gives you a chance to see things from other perspective.

10. Dress up for no reason

Usually when we dress up, we are either dressing up for work or school or an occasion or something. When we are home we like to get into some comfy outfits and just relax. But wouldn’t it be a nice experience to dress up and just stay at home? Try it.

11. Enjoy some live music

Just as a live play, live music has a way of captivating you. It is something exciting to experience and to feel. So go and listen to some live music.

12. Learn to play an instrument

Learn to play any instrument. Guitar, piano, Violin, drums, the flute or any instrument that you want. Playing a musical instrument gives you a different way to enjoy music other than listening to it. You can try this smart piano that teaches you to play.

13. Study a foreign language

Studying a foreign language gives you the opportunity to study other cultures. This will also give you another something to put on your resume. And wouldn’t it be great to finally watch a Korean drama and not need subtitles?

14. Make home movies

Home movies are fun. They are the best ways to capture family memories. So make more home movies in 2020.

15. Take a class

New year, new experiences. Take the opportunity to take a class and learn something new. It can be a cooking class, yoga class or pottery class. Any class at all will do.

16. Book a night at a hotel room in your town

Usually, we book a hotel room when we visit a new town. So why not try something unusual and spend the night at a hotel room in your own town?

17. Visit a museum

Visiting a museum gives you the chance to see objects from the past or faraway places. Objects that you will usually not find or have access to can be seen in the museum. This helps to understand the history of such things. Reading about something is actually different from seeing it for yourself.

18. Take a boat ride

Take a boat ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you tor around. Remember to take photos.

19. Try rollerskating

Rollerskating isn’t just for fun. It has some health benefits too. As it helps to improve balance. It also lights up your mood and makes you feel good. So get yourself some rollerskates and start rollerskating.

20. Get in a hot air balloon

Get a bird’s eye view of the town as you ride in a hot air balloon. It is spectacular and you get to feel the freedom in the air. This is a magical experience and you should definitely try it in 2020.

20 things to do in 2020

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