10 Things To Do For The Holidays

Most of us are busy throughout the year. Busy with work, school and so many other activities that we barely make time for ourselves not to think of time for our loved ones.

So the holidays give us the opportunity to make time for the people around us. And there’s so much you can do this holiday to make it a memorable one. As a matter of fact, it will be great to make a checklist for the holidays. That way you get to check off the activities once they are complete.

So that at the end of the holidays, you can look at your list and know that you were able to check off everything on it. And let’s face it, it feels good to check something off a to do list.

If you have no idea what to do with the holidays, here are a few things you can put on your list.

Things to do this holidays

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1. Decorate

You can’t have a better Christmas holiday without decorations. There’s something about seeing all the decorations that just makes you feel happy inside. So with this holidays, be innovative. Decorate your home. Put a wreath on your front door. Decorate your porch. Have fun. Make it a memorable one.

2. Go To Your Place Of Worship

During this season you can visit your church or any place you worship if you are religious. Spend time to pray and share what you have learnt from your Holy Book with others. If by chance you don’t have time to stay for long at your place of worship, you can read your favourite verse from your Holy Book.

3. Listen To Christmas carols

Just as you can’t have a great Christmas without decorations, the same goes for listening to Christmas carols. Listen to some Christmas carols. Put on your dancing shoes and have fun.

4. Spend Time Outdoor

We know, it’s cold outside but how much fun can you really have if you are indoors the whole time? Go out. Have fun outdoors. But make sure you are well dressed because it’s cold outside.

5. See A Christmas Play

You can go with your friends or your family to see a Christmas play together. This will make for some really fun memories.

6. Take Family Photos

We take photos all the time and sometimes we might take one with a relative. But we don’t usually take photos together with our whole family. That is why the holidays is perfect time to take one.

You can use it as a Christmas card to send to your friends. And you can also save it in your family album.It will be nice to sit together in a few years and look back at all those family photos.

7. Go Ice Skating

Have more fun by calling your loved ones and going ice skating together. Again, remember to dress appropriately for the weather.

8. Donation

This is the season to give, so give. Give to the poor and needy. You can go through your stuff and donate all the items that are in good shape but you have no use for. This will help to even get rid of the clutter and make space for the item you will actually use.

Give things like food, drinks, blankets and other stuff to any Charity home around. You can also visit the hospitals around. Give to others because them deserve a happy live as well.

9. Volunteer

Volunteering is one thing you can do this Christmas holiday to better the lives of others. Volunteer to do things for people. Put a smile on someone’s face this season.

10. Remember To Say Thank You

With anything that you receive this holidays, remember to say thank you. Say thank you so that people will know you appreciate what they do for you.


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